Erikag59’s Unclad Ramblings

I like to skinnydip and freehike (to the extent you can in the heavily farmed state of Iowa). I hope you enjoy reading about my unclad ramblings and clothed encounters. There are no revealing pictures here—just words.

Several readers have asked if I will have any stories that are more erotic than these. Nope, this site is just about naturism and a little exhibitionism. If I wanted to write about sex on the beach encounters, I wouldn’t have much to say.

One reader noticed that I always seemed to be going to the river alone. Don’t I have any friends who are naturists? Well, yes I do; I just haven’t written up those adventures yet. There is one in particular that I have put off because it will be much longer than any of the ones posted so far. But there should be time to get to it over the winter holidays when it is too cold for skinnydipping. The California and Hawai’i stories are in the works too.




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