Did I See One of You Guys?

Did I see one of you guys at the river?

One August evening last year I was out at the Skunk River and had an uncommon experience—I saw another naked person that I didn’t already know!

He must have seen me first. It was 7 or 7:30 PM, and I was sitting on a large downed log out in the water. This can be glimpsed through the leaves from a few spots along the trail, and I heard someone moving back and forth up there.

A few minutes later I spotted a naked man standing in the creek bed, almost out of sight where it bent away from the main river. He didn’t seem to notice me noticing him. I stood up to give him a good view if he happened to look my way, to make sure he knew I was naked too in case of any doubt.

After a few minutes I walked down closer to him and said “I don’t bite,” and we exchanged casual greetings. The mosquitoes started to get to me there under the trees, so I let him know I was going back to the open spaces by the river, where they would be less active. He didn’t follow for a while, and when he did, we only made a bit of small talk back and forth across the river from each other. He definitely wasn’t interested in socializing, but he seemed to enjoy strolling around in the altogether.

Perhaps he was traveling on the interstate, pulled over to the rest area and saw the sign for the greenbelt trail, went exploring and had no thought of stripping down until he saw me.

So the moral of the story is: if you don’t cover up when someone is spying on you, they might join you.