My Limited Experience with Beach Wood

Someone in a mailing list asked about experiences having an erection at a nude beach or seeing other men with erections. I didn’t go to a nude beach until I was 30. By then I usually didn’t get erections without a specifically sexual stimulus, so I don’t have much experience with having an erection at a public beach.

Here’s a recent near-exception.

On a weekday after work I headed out to my favorite skinnydipping spot on the Skunk River—NOT an established clothing optional beach ... except when I’m there.

Somebody was already there—a clothed man, wading in the water and playing with three dogs. I walked farther upstream to look for a place where I wouldn’t be bothering anybody. But the river was low, and the only place deep enough for actual swimming would be right where this guy and his dogs were. So I returned to check him out a little more closely.

He was younger than I had thought, early twenties. (I was in my forties.) He was only ankle deep in the water, although the dogs were swimming back and forth across the river.

I greeted him and asked if he’d been swimming.

He said no, just wading and playing with his dogs.

I asked if he would mind if I skinnydipped.

He said, “Not at all, go ahead.” As I dropped my duds at the water’s edge, he reached into his cooler, pulled out a can, and asked “Would you like a beer?”

Well, this was the first time someone offered me alcohol for taking my clothes off, so I replied “Sure! Maybe after I get out.”

I swam for a while, splashed with the dogs, then stayed naked after getting out of the water. While enjoying the beer we talked about his interests, such as long distance bicycle rides, and mine—skinnydipping, of course. I described how I enjoyed it, without explicitly urging him to join in. Someday if he wants to he can try it; in the meantime he at least knows it is an option. I like to evangelize for skinnydipping and sunbathing au naturel, but being the only naked person in a group can be fun in its own way too.

At one point, and this was while we were talking about some topic that did not involve nudity—his dogs, perhaps—I felt things start to swell down there. Since it was just him and me there, I did not want him to be put off if he felt that I was putting the moves on him. I was standing at the time, so I turned towards the water and faced mostly away from him. I didn’t get fully erect, just pleasantly full and hanging.

After a while things returned to normal, and I accepted another beer from him.

It was a pleasant evening of casual nudity (on my part) with no sexual undertones as far as he was aware of.

By the way, it wasn’t the last time someone offered me alcohol after I took my clothes off at the river, but those are stories for other times.